Wood and forest tools

Extensive range


  • 1250 to 1600 grams
  • handle 700mm to 900mm
  • used for cutting down trees
  • used for chopping branches

Billhook - hatchet

  • 600 to 1000 grams
  • handle 360mm to 400mm
  • used for pruning
  • used for chopping branches
  • used for splitting fire woods

Splitting hammer

  • 3000 grams
  • handle 900mm
  • used for splitting large blocks of wood


  • 2000 to 2200 grams
  • straight or twisted

Fiber handle

Experience shows that the handle of an axe or splitting hamer with a wooden handle, this handle often breaks. Therefore, it is better to by an axe or splitting hamer wiht a fiber handle.

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