Lawn edging irons - auger

Lawn edging iron

Do you want the edge of your lawn is straight right? Then chose a lawn edging iron.
A spade is not entirely suited for this, because the blade of a spade is to round. Because of this, you will have a less beautiful finish.

Wood or metal?

Do you have a small garden then choose the cheapest variant with a wooden handle.
Do you prefer a lawn edging iron that can serve for yeaurs, choose a full metal version.


New in our range is the ergonomic lawn edging iron. The unique shaped tube ensures that you can push the iron with 1 movement of 1 foot straight down. Because your foot is in the middle, this works much faster and more ergonomic.

Finishing touch

You want a perfect lawn where no blade of grass comes over the edge? Then you will certainly love the lawn edging roller for the ultimate finishing touch of your lawn.
With the perfectly sharpened round blade, you can cut any excess blades of grass.

Pole drills

There are many different sizes and models in poles drills, twist drills and screw drills. They all work equally well. A screw drill is more expensive and therefore only useful if you will use it regularly.

The diameter of a pole drill goes from 60mm to 150mm.

Do you wan to hit a pole in the hole made​​, choose a garden hammer.

Twist drills

  • Ligther
  • Cheaper

Screw drills

  • Stronger, but heavier
  • More expensive, but more durable
  • Suitable for use in stony ground

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