Mow tools

Razor-sharp works more easy

Scythes and sickles

Scythes and sickles are very slightly curved sharpened blades.
The sickle is always used with a short handle as a hand tool, the scythe with a long handle.
A good scythe handle alway has two handles so you certainly do not need to bend down while working.
Scythes exist in different sizes (400mm to 650mm). The larger the blade, the faster you can work but also how difficult it is!
Do you have a small patch of grass to mow or do you want fresh grass to feed to your rodents, then choose a sickle.
After mowing, you can use a custom rake use to rake the grass cuttings together. Choose a suitable model from our extensive range.

Spare parts and components

With heavy use it may happen that a particular component needs to be replaced.

These parts can be obtained as a spare part:

  • T handle
  • whooden handle
  • Scythe rind + key


The most important part of working with a scythe, is to sharpen the scythe.
If the scythe or sickle is sharpened razor-sharp, this will work twice as easy and fast, the best is to use a good whetstone .This whetstone is made of carborundum (or silicon carbide), which is very suitable for sharpening and polishing.

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