The Polet Click-PRO concept combines the quality of Polet Traditional hand-forged tools with the ease of use of a click system.

These innovative tools are handmade right here in our production facility in Ardooie. A nice Made in Belgium story, in other words. Our range of click tools offers a solution for every challenge in the garden. And includes hoes, hoes, cultivators, lawn edge and weed whacker, joint scrapers, leaf rakes and brooms.

With 1 handle, you can combine many tools. This saves a lot of space in your garage, shed or garden house.

The tools easily click in or out of the handle thanks to the handy slider. But they remain firmly in place during use. To click the tool into the handle, slide the knob backwards, push the tool into the handle to the end and then let the knob slide back forwards.

We have a number of handle types available in different lengths. So you always have the right handle to match the tool, as well as the right length to work ergonomically.

The concept has its own logo and packaging style. This attracts attention on the shop shelves and informs the customer at the same time.


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