Planting tools


To accelerate planting small plants or bulbs, a dibber or plant stick can offer help. You have the choice between a plant stick 300mm long and 900mm long.

With those of 900mm, you can work upright, this is more ergonomic for prolonged use.

Bulb planter

To make larger planting holes, a potato or bulb planter is a handy helper. Because of the long tube and the two handles, this will become a very easy job.

The bulb planter has a diameter of 80mm. If you press it into the ground and get ik back out, you've got a nice round hole to plant the potato or bulb.

Planting leek

When you want to plant quickly a lot of leek, you can use a leek planter with four teeth. Because of the convenient width of 450mm, is planting without difficulty and very fast!

Beautiful in rows

Do you want to perfectly plant or sow in rows, than a plant cord is indispensable. The two pointed wooden sticks go very easily into the ground to keep the plant cord perfect tensed.

Thanks to the opening in the wood, you can roll up the cord quickly and easily after use.



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