Power Sac: practical innovation for home, garden and construction

The Polet Group is proud to welcome aboard Power Sac, the top-class brand of the well-known French firm Idées B Création. Not only does this partnership represent a new acquisition, it also marks a fascinating step forwards in sustainable solutions for use at home, in the garden and on the construction site. Are you curious to discover how Power Sac is redefining the standards for efficiency and sustainability? Read on!

Bernard Derély: the visionary behind Power Sac

The driving force behind this unique brand is the dedication of Bernard Derély: a creative spirit who has been designing efficient solutions for everyday needs for households, DIY handymen and garden lovers for just over a decade. Thanks to his sharp observational skills and eye for practicality, Derély transforms everyday objects into the indispensable companions of our daily lives.

The idea behind Power Sac was born from a typical, everyday situation: ‘While visiting a container park, I noticed that people were using all sorts of things to transport their waste in. From trailers to ordinary rubbish bags, and from PVC containers to disposable bags. Not all of them were suited to the waste they contained, or were not used in the proper way. And so, I hit upon the idea that would become the Power Sac range’, recalls Bernard proudly.

Power Sac Référence: performance and sturdiness in one

The Power Sac Référence was the first product in the range. Made from double laminated polypropylene fabric, this bag is the epitome of strength. Each part benefits from PVC coating for optimum grip, even when the bag is empty. The bags are provided with four robust handles with reinforced seams to make lifting, moving and emptying easier than ever. The Power Sac Référence was tested before a bailiff, and can contain loads up to 150 kg.

Power Sac Professionnel: sustainability in a new light

The second collection, Power Sac Professionnel, takes sustainability to a higher level. The square bags are made of coated, double-woven polypropylene. They are reinforced with a PVC coating and covered with a third panel of fabric at the back. With the addition of three tarpaulins, the bag remains indestructible, even when subjected to heavy-duty use. The flexible aperture makes filling much easier and reinforces the bag’s self-bearing capacity. Four sturdy handles, each with reinforced seams, allow for easy lifting, moving and emptying. The bags in the Power Sac Professionnel range have a capacity of 270 or 400 litres. This collection was also tested under the watchful eye of a bailiff and is suitable for loads up to 250 kg.

Environmentally friendly versatility defines Power Sac

Not only outstanding performance offered by Power Sac but also its extreme versatility ensures that this product range perfectly meets the needs of garden lovers, professional and DIY handymen alike. Apart from the practical aspects, these polypropylene bags also contribute to an ecologically friendly environment.

Power Sac and the Polet Group

In a world where imagination goes hand in hand with practical requirements, Power Sac is the ideal solution for both private individuals and professionals. As the newest member of the Polet Group, Power Sac embraces the challenges we face in our everyday lives, and offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions that go far beyond the standard. As a matter of fact, we take it even further than that and will continue to develop Bernard’s brilliant ideas for the benefit of our consumers. Discover the Power Sac range today and let yourself be inspired by the power of innovation paired with sustainability.

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