Weed burners


Easy weed control in an environmentally friendly and non-toxic way. Apply on terrace, driveway or paths.

Keep the burner on the weeds for a few seconds, no need to burn weeds black. 
By thermal shock the cells of the weeds burst open and weeds are destroyed

After a number of treatments, the roots of the weeds will be affected and die off.

Exclusively for use outdoors or in adequately ventilated spaces, at a safe distance from all sources of heat, open fires or sparks. Do not use the burner in the direct vicinity of buildings, rubbish and flammable materials such as piles of dry leaves or grass, or conifers with many dead branches. Avoid using in dry summers: an abundance of dry plants increases the risk of accidental fires. Always keep a supply of water nearby to quench an unforeseen fire.
The manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused by improper use of the equipment.

1.    Read attentively instructions before use.
2.    Operate with direct pressure Butane and reduced pressure (0.5 - 3 bar) using pressure regulator for Propane and for Butane-Propane mixtures.
3.    Do not use reducers with fixed calibration for domestic use, since the provided pressure is not sufficient. 
4.    Use only outdoors or in well ventilated places. 
5.    At the end of your work the nozzle will be very hot, store it in a safe place away from flammable materials.
6.    Any technical interventions on the equipment must be carried out by specialized personnel authorized by the manufacturer. Use only original spare parts.
7.    We recommend You to use the torch with anti-bursting safety valve.
8.    Do not use the hose to move or lift the cylinder. 
9.    Before using the appliance, check hose condition and replace it immediately if it has been accidentally cut, heated, cracked or if its diameter is enlarged or changed.
10.    Use only hoses tested according to EN1327 to be used with LPG, if not supplied with the appliance.
11.    Protect the cylinder from the sun and from all sources of heat, the temperature of the cylinder must not exceed 50 ° C. 
12.    Keep out of reach of children.
13.    The manufacturer is not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the equipment.
14.    Periodically (or the case of a long period of non-use) verify that all components are in good condition.
15.    Exclusively for use outdoors or in adequately ventilated spaces, at a safe distance from all sources of heat, open fires or sparks.
         Do not use the burner in the direct vicinity of buildings, rubbish and flammable materials.


A.   Make sure that the gas supply valve on the torch is firmly closed. The closing force of the handwheel must be 0,3 Nm.
B.   Connect the hose to the heating torch by the fitting connection using two keys (one key locking the fitting and one key tightening the other fitting). 
When butane is used, connect the hose to the cylinder valve. WARNING: check the tightness between the hose fitting and the cylinder valve. The pressure must not exceed 3bar.
When propane / butane mixture is used, connect the hose to the pressure regulator mounted on the cylinder. WARNING: check the presence of the gasket between the hose and reducer and between the reducer and the valve cylinder. 
C.   Open the gas bottle valve.
D.   Check all seals by means of soapy water. Don’t use fire to find leakage. If present safety valve and regulator check the seal between the connections of the various elements present in the gas circuit. 
E.   Should you notice any gas leak, close the gas bottle and check again tightening and seals. If the problem persist, please contact your reseller.
F.   Slightly open (1/2 turn) the handwheel of the valve in anticlockwise direction.
G.   Ignition: for piezo series, activate the piezo device.
H.   Then open the tap completely in order to obtain maximum potential from your torch.
I.    Operate the lever in order to get the maximum output power of the torch.
J.   At the end of your work always close the gas bottle valve, then the heating torch valve.
K.   When changing an empty gas bottle for a new one, always make this operation in a well-ventilated area and far away from any heat source or flame.  Then repeat the operations from point A.


Sometimes impurities resulting from the gas can partially or totally obstruct the injector.  
Wash the burner with petrol or other equivalent degreaser than clean it with compressed air.  
In order to carry out this operation, the gas bottle must be totally disconnected from the burner. NEVER ENLARGE THE DIAMETER OF THE INJECTOR. 

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