Professional garden tools

Polet is a supplier and manufacturer of hobby tools and professional tools for gardening, construction and industry. Every day, those tools find their way to thousands of satisfied users.

More than 100 years ago, Polet forged the first spade blades. From a simple forge, the company grew into the high-tech company it is today. During all these years, quality and innovation assured the commercial development of the company.

Support for distributors

Polet's professional garden tools are mainly distributed in the specialized retail trade, stores and garden centers. We provide our dealers with wide commercial and logistic support.

Everyone works with Polet

As a manufacturer of professional quality tools, Polet is a household name in almost all sectors. In horticulture, on construction sites and in he industrial sector: everybody works with Polet. Polet's quality equals higher efficiency. Common knowledge for both professionals and hobbyists!

From hobbyist to professional

Not everyone uses their tools equally intensive and not everyone wants to pay the same amount of money for it. Polet's range is adapted to these different needs and that's why it was divided into different product lines.

Belgian tools with a European reputation

Polet is a Belgian company, but the quality of our products and our services go beyond the borders. Dutch, French and German gardeners and professionals also rely on Polet when they need prfessional garden tools for heavy work. They trust our Belgian quality without hesitation.

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