Polet quality tools

Quality is our tool

Whether your customers are professionals or hobbyists, you want to recommend them only quality tools. Because that makes their work more pleasant and efficient. The result of that work will also be more qualitative.

Polet has been developping for more than a century tools for the professional and for the hobby market. The thread running through all these years is a high degree of specialization and innovation. The result is a wide range of products and a large commercial and logistical support for our distributors.

A strictly controlled manufacturing process

The tools of Polet are manufactured according to international quality standards. Both during and after production, they are subject of rigorous testing. The manufacturing process is computerized to make it as efficient as possible, so we can keep our prices internationally competitive.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the production, you can count on a strong guarantee.

Product development in view of the user

Product development isn't an empty word for Polet. Designing new products means for us a quest for additional user benefits. So your work gets easier and you can enjoy your tools for a longer period of time. Our revolutionary fiberglass handles last up to ten times longer for example. Also the famous Polet spade you buy for life.

2 price categories, 2 x quality

A professional has different requirements than a sporadic hobby gardener. Polet will meet the different requirements of our diverse clientele. Therefore, we have divided our products in two different product ranges, depending on frequency of use and budget.

  • Polet Professional: our top range for the professional user
  • Polet Premium: a range with an excellent value for price-sensitive buyers

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