Tools for gardening, construction and industry

Excellent quality, for more than 150 years

More than a century ago Polet forged its first spade. The Polet spade is our flagship to this day. In the meantime we have evolved to an international manufacturer with a large assortment of gardening, construction and industry tools. Every day, we provide tools for new users, from the quality-conscious amateur to the demanding specialist.

Quality tools for gardening make work a lot easier and give much better results. These are our 2 main objectives when designing and producing our professional tools. This is also the reason why Polet's quality is so widely known.

Our distributors

You can find our tools for gardening in most of the garden centers, DIY shops and wholesale distribution shops. Our distributors will happily provide you with expert advice.  

Discover our assortment or learn more about our company on the about us page. Do you have any more questions? Ask them on our contact page.

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