Garden spades

The use of different types of garden spades

Digging a garden is done to make the ground lighter and create better access for water. That's why you have to dig deeper in heavy soil than in light one. KeYou choose your garden spade based on that criterium.

What size?

In light soil it's better to use a short but wide garden spade. A long narrow spade is in turn better suited for use in heavy clay soil.

Spring or open socket?

For heavy work or heavy soil the best choice is a spring spade. In light soil an open socket spade can also do the job. In the Netherlands a solid socket spade is most common.

Which handle?

Depending on your preference, you can choose from our range of garden spades with an ash T-handle, a knob handle or a D-handle. Fiberglass handles are usually preferred for professionals and industrial use.

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