Snow shovels and -pushers

Prevent accidents

Snow means a lot of fun, but it can also bring risks. In order to prevent accidents it is very important to remove the snow from your driveway and sidewalk. Hard work, but not with good snow snovels or snowplows.

Snow shovels

Polet's snow shovels have a long handle so you can work more upright and they also have a big blade so you can move a lot of snow in one time. Watch out for your back though. A shovel full of snow easily weighs a few pounds.

Snow pushers

When there is less snow, a snow pusher is a good alternative. With a snow pusher you don't have to scoop the snow, you simply shove it away with the pusher. This requires less effort and it's a safer method. A snow pusher is however not handy in use when there is a lot of snow.

After clearing the snow spread some salt on the remaining snow and ice and you will be able to safely walk and drive on your driveway.

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