Handles & Accessories

Wood species


A good quality and widely used wood for handles is ash. In a good ash handle are the veins straight along the length of the handle. You can recognize ash easily by those long veins.


Beech is cheaper, less strong, but is nevertheless very suitable as a tool handle. You can recognize beech by the dark spots on the wood.


The wooden handles in our hammers are made of hickory, a tough species from Canada, very suitable for heavy work. In our Polet Traditional range we also have a number handles for shovels, spades and hoes made of hickory.


Certain handles in our range are under the FSC forest certificate with number FSC® C068093.
The FSC forest certificate is an international label or seal on a wood or paper product indicating that the product comes from a sustainably managed forest.
FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council', the international organization that issues the certificate.
Only FSC® wood, marked "FSC" in the product description of our products, comes from sustainably managed forests covered by FSC® regulations.
Polet will never import wood originating from deforestation of tropical rainforests.


For professional tools, fiber is more widely used recent years. These handles is made of millions of fine glass fibers that are combined with epoxy resins.

We distinguish followin types:

  • full fiberglass handle: these handles are made of 100% parallel and continuous pulled fiber. The handles are up to 10 times stronger than a wooden handle
  • handle with fiberglass core embedded in PVC: these handles are up to 5 times stronger than a wooden handle
  • Hollow fiber handle: these are light, hollow reinforced fiberglass handles, up to 3 times stronger than a wooden handle

Tips when purchasing replacement handles

When purchasing replacement handles look especially for the right diameter and the correct sharpening for each tool. It is very important you choose well sanded handles with straight veins.

The length of the handles is also very important. For gardening tools the ideal length is 150 cm. This works easily and ergonomical.

For shovel handles the right bending is important. This is also important to work ergonomically.

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