Garden tools and broomhandles

Large choice

Rake and brush handles exist in many different sizes and materials. The length of the handles vary from 120 to 170 cm. For the diameter there is choice between 24 and 28 mm.

Only quality wood

At Polet we use only straight-veined, smooth sanded A-quality wood for our handles. You can choose between tropical hardwood or ash. Our ash rakehandles are particularly suitable for heavy work in the garden and for construction.

The tropical hardwood is always 100% from forests that are well managed and fall under the regulations of FSC. Polet will never import wood that comes from non-regulated forests or tropical rainforest.

Ultra strong fiberglass

Fiberglas is 3 to 10 times stronger than wood and is increasingly used for professional tools. We offer fiberglass handles in different quality categories. Fiber 9001-handles are completely solid, Fiber 5001-handles have a fiberglass core with plastic coating and Fiber 3001-handles are reinforced with fiberglass.

Do you have a question about our handles? Please feel free to contact us.

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