Tools with fiberhandles

Up to 10 times stronger than wood!

3 x stronger

Besides wooden handles, our garden tools are also available with a handle of glass fiber reinforced plastic.
These are three times stronger than a wooden handle, strong enough for use as a rake handle.

5 x stronger

It can be even stronger, five times stronger than wood! By a glass-fiber core at the center of the plastic handle, these handle gets additional strength.
Handles with a fiberglass core are ideal for the discerning gardener who frequently works with the tool.

10 x stronger

For really tough jobs, there are the solid fiberglass handles, these are nearly indestructible. This makes them appropriate for the professional who use this tool daily.
In nurseries, these fiberglass handles are used in the uprooting of trees, because they are 10 times stronger than wood they do this job with ease!

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