All Polet tools are guaranteed against manufacturing defects in normal use for which they are intended. Although great care is taken to ensure quality of the products, exceptional there can still be a problem.

A few examples of guarantee:

  • a piece of the steel part of the tool breaks
  • the socket of a spade tears or the rivet comes loose
  • the handle breaks across (bad wood)
  • loosening of a glued fibreglass handle

What is not covered under guarantee:

  • tools that have been clearly long and intensively used
  • bent tools
  • sledgehammers and splitting mauls where the handles have obvious traces of miss hitting
  • clear misuse of the tool: a spade is not used as a lever, a bent spade or a handle that bursts in the longitudinal direction is a clear proof of misuse

For guarantee, there are standards and descriptions. You can find them attached here.

In case of private or professional end user (B2C) always return to the shop point where the tool was purchased.
In case of dealer (B2B) always return to our production - contact your representative or the back office at for proper handling.

In case of doubt or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
We also advise you to always add photos so that we can assess the problem as well as possible.

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