Pruning tools

The right tool for each pruning job

For the best cutting results, you need the right pruning tools. Polet offers you the right tool for each pruning job. Secateurs are the most commonly used pruning tools. 
Beside the classic hedge shear and tree pruner, there are also specific shrub shears and fruit scissors. Use a small secateur for the finishing touches. You can deal with thick branches using one of our pruning saws.

Pruning tips

  • For most of the pruning jobs, a bypass secateur is the most convenient. The sliding adjacent blades provide a 
    perfect cut without fraying the plant fibers
  • Cut branches of 15 to 40 mm with a tree pruner.
  • Thicker branches require a pruning saw.

What should I look for when choosing pruning tools?

  • For the best result, your secateur must be very sharp so the cutting edge of the branch will be very smooth.
  • A secateur with a spring makes the job easier. You can work faster because the scissors easily and quickly 
    return to the open position.
  • The size of a secateur's handle is quite important. Test whether the secateur is easy to use and grip. 
    It should not be too big or too small. In Polet's range you can find several sizes for small and large hands.
  • For thicker branches it is best to use a pruning saw. You can cut them with a tree pruner, but make sure the pruner has a leverage function.
  • Note the weight. Cutting tools that weigh less are easier to use for a longer time.

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