Garden buckets and tubs

Simple but essential

Buckets and tubs are simple but essential items when you are working in the garden or on the field. We offer garden buckets and tubs in metal, rubber or polyethylene (plastic), depending on your preference. Below you can find our selection of garden buckets, but we also offer buckets and tubs for the construction industry.

Classic buckets

With our garden buckets of galvanized steel you can transport 10 or 14 liters. Thanks to the 0.70 mm thick plates they are of exceptional quality and on top of that they are a lot sturdier than the average zinc bucket, which are only 0.45 mm thick.


Polet is the exclusive distributor of TubTrugs®, the most colorful brand of multipurpose plastic tubs and buckets. You can choose from a large collection of models in 9 colors and 6 shapes and sizes (from 14 to 75 liters).

TubTrugs® are made of 100% polyethylene, which makes them extremely flexible, yet sturdy. That makes them a lot easier to carry, even with one hand. You can use these cheerful TubTrugs® for numerous tasks. For example, they can serve as a laundry or storage basket and they can also be used to store food.

Fiel Kanguro®

Fiel Kanguro® is another brand of buckets and tubs. Their range is primarily aimed at use for animals and agriculture. Think of food baskets, veal buckets, horse buckets and feeders.

Just like the TubTrugs®, the products of Fiel Kanguro® are also 100% safe to use for food storage, etc.

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