Quick digging and hacking work

Working soil can be a difficult job, especially when debris or tree roots are in the way. A simple hand tool like the pickaxe makes tedious tasks like digging or hoeing a lot more easy. Looking for long-lasting quality pickaxes? Try Polet!

Please note that you need experience to handle this tool!

Hardened steel

Pickaxes' handles are always hardened, so they wear out slower. A conical case (connection between the handle and the pickaxe) ensures that the handle is securely attached to guarantee your safety. A pickaxe weighs about 2.5 kg and is 520 mm long.

Handle made of ash or fiber

We pay extra attention to the handle of our tools, which is one of the reasons why we're known for our exceptional quality. For pickaxes you can choose between a handle in ash wood or fiberglass.

Some advantages of both materials:


  • Has straight-grained veins and is smooth sanded and varnished
  • Feels warmer and more natural while using
  • Just flexible enough but not too flexible for use as tool handle


For intensive use, we recommend fiberglass, as this lasts significantly longer

  • Up to 10 times stronger than wood
  • Almost impossible to break
  • Ergonomic handle for optimal grip
  • Unaffected by moisture, temperature fluctuations or rot and does not shrink
  • Insulating effect to 36 000 volts
  • Vibration free

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