We insist on quality!

Polet offers a wide range of hammers. For each application, there is a hammer.


A clubhammer is mainly used for demolition. The weight of the head varies from 1000 g, 1250 g, 1500 g and 2000 g.


This hammer is ideal for demolition and earthworks. Because of het longer handle, you can beat harder than beaten with a clubhammer. It is available with both square and transverse head, both in 3, 4 and 5 kg.

Claw hammer

A claw hammer is useful for general joinery and for attaching and removing nails. New in our range, is the shock absorbing claw hammer. This hammer limits the shocks that can cause arm injuries.

Bench hammer

A bench hammer is used for finer carpentry. The weight of the head goes from 300 g to 1500gr.

All our hammers can be obtained both with hickory handle as with fiberglass core handle (5 x stronger than wood), and with full fiberglass handle (10 x stronger than wood). More info on hammer handles, can be found here.

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