Tubs and buckets

A simple object, a big difference

Buckets and mortar tubs are available in different materials and sizes so that everyone can find his liking. The preference in size or material will depend from job to job and from person to person. Polet offers you a selection especifically for use in the construction.

Metal buckets

Buckets of galvanized steel are available in 10 or 14 liters. They are made from plates of 0.70 mm thick and therefore a lot more robust than other zinc buckets, which are usually only 0.45 mm thick.

Gorilla Tubs® of Tubtrugs®

Polet is the exclusive distributor of TubTrugs ®, a brand of plastic tubs and buckets made ​​of 100% polyethylene. These are very flexible but also very sturdy. Especially for construction jobs, this brand developed the extra sturdy Gorilla Tubs ®, which could perfectly serve as mortar tubs .

Fiel Kanguro®

Fiel Kanguro ® is an other brand of buckets and tubs which are long-lasting even under heavy use. The products are made of special rubber that is reinforced with nylon polyamide. This makes it more resistant to material fatigue and temperatures up to -60 ° C. So certainly  when it freezes, we recommended this material.

Discover our tubs and buckets for use in the garden or watch the overview of our construction tools. Please contact us if you need more info.


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