Bricklaying tools

Working accurately is a lot easier thanks to Polet

Bricklayers and stucco workers are craftsmen who have to work with the greatest precision. And that's a lot easier with high quality bricklaying tools. The do-it-yourself-worker can obviously benefit from this specialized building and stucco tools as well. Especially if he or she wants to achieve the best results.

A wide range of quality bricklaying tools

Trowels, jointers,... Polet has all the bricklaying tools you need for accurate masonry and stucco. This in different sizes and designs, so that you can offer your customers a wide choice. Our jointers hawk for example is suitable for left and right-handed people. Besides that you can choose large, small, round or sharp trowels for pasting, building and stuccoing.

Take a look at the overview of our construction tools and discover more quality Polet products.

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