Levelling tools

Perfectly smooth

If you are planning to tile, it is often desirable to level the floors. The Polet leveling tools are a useful tool for these kind of jobs..

All our leveling tools are made of aluminum, which is light and easy to maintain.

Concrete divider

The ends are slightly upwards, so the concrete divider can never get stuck into the concrete.
This tool is available in a width of 100cm and 120cm.
To spread liquid concrete, we have a special divider of 98cm x 30cm. Because of the upright ends,  the concrete can not flow on top of the divider.

Leveling sliders

Because  of the reinforment at three points, the strength is guaranteed and force may be applied to the slider without any poblem.
The sliders are available in a width of 60cm or 80cm.
There is a special model available from 70cm, especially to distribute asphalt. This model is thicker than the other sliders.


  • Width 45cm, 60cm or 80cm
  • With extra reinforcement (60cm and 80cm)
  • 100% natural rubber

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