Pavage tools

Paving hammer

Depending on the preference of the user, you choose for a paving hammer of 1.5kg, 2kg or 2.5kg. A paving hammer is usually used to place brcks. When placing the bricks into the sand, the cutting edge can be use to bring the sand at the desired height.
The hammerhead is used to knock the bricks so that they lie firm. It is very important that a paving hammer is good in the hand and can easily rotate in one motion.

Paving beetle

A paving beelte is used for sensitive materials that can be beaten quickly with a metal hammer.

There is a choice between a paving beelte with a wooden block and a plastic block.

Perfectly smooth

Do you some help to smoothen the sand before placing or do you want to press the bricks after placing? Then choose a earth tamper. 

Your job will be easily done with his 12.5kg, 2 handles and its hittingface of 180mm x 180mm.

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