Paving crowbar

A paving crowbars is a useful tool when you want to break out tiles or bricks. Because of the thickness of 28mm of the lever, a great force can be applied without any problem.

Choice between:

  • 1.1 meters to 1.5 meters in length
  • point or chisel
  • globe or impact socket

The lever with replaceable impact socket is useful if they should be beaten with a hammer. Beacause of the impact socket, this causes no damage to the lever.


Crowbars are commonly used in prying loose plates or stones, also for removing nails a crowbar is handy tool.

Something for everyone:

  • hex- ovaal - I-shaped
  • length between 431mm and 910mm

Nail puller

The name speaks for itself, a nail puller is designed to remove nails as fast and easy as possible.

• length 300mm or 455mm
• width 16mm or 30mm
• hexagonal or flat shape

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