Sand shovels

Sand shovels are mainly used in Belgium. In the Netherlands, people prefer a dutch shovel for the same type of work.


Polet has various sand shovels in different sizes (00 to 03), which are indicated with a number.

The smallest model (number 00) for example, measures 265 x 220 mm, while the largest model (number 3) is 290 x 240 mm.


A sand shovel has a slightly curved handle to make scooping easier. This curved handle ensures the shovel is well balanced so you need less force when scooping. A shovel's handle is 130 cm long so you have to bend over as little as possible.

Handles are mostly made of ash. This type of wood is very strong, yet flexible. Polet also uses beech wood, which is a less expensive option that is slightly less firm and less resistant to water. In addition to the classic wooden handles Polet also offers handles made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, which is about 3 times stronger than ash.

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