Hose reels

For the hobby gardener 

Especially for the hobby gardener we have 2 basic models in our range of hose reels: a portable version and a version on wheels. Both are made of sturdy plastic. All necessary fittings are supplied with 20 meters hose, so you can start immediately.

For the professional

The more demanding gardener and the professional are better of with material that lasts longer and can take a beating. For them Polet has an extensive range of metal hose carts. These include plastic wheels or pneumatic tires. The capacity of hose that you can mount on these hose reels varies from 60 to 130 meters.

The hose reel with 4 wheels

Our hose reel with 4 wheels is top notch when it comes to hose carts. Are you a more demanding gardener? If you work almost daily with your hose reel and you want it to be very handy? Then this is the only correct choice.


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