Who likes to garden with the kids?

What could be more fun than taking care of the garden with your children or working together to realise a new project? Maybe you want to create a new border or terrace together, dig a pond or plant some new trees.

But for that, you need tools that are both useful and safe. The Gardening 4 Kids tools have therefore been specially designed for the youngest among us.

Especially for children

Children and young teenagers who want to help in the garden want to use quality tools as well. A large adult spade is still too heavy and the Junior Tools spades are often too small once they get older.

Therefore we would like to introduce Gardening 4 Kids: a range of quality tools tailored to young teenagers, to enable them to work safely in the garden.

In the assortment: a spade, shovel, leaf picker, rake, cultivator, hoe, brush and some other hand tools.

They are made from the same high-quality materials as their adult counterparts but are much lighter and smaller. As a result, they are easy for children to handle and they will enjoy working with them.

Gardening is hip

With the growing trend for vegetable gardening in schools and the hype around square metre vegetable gardens, gardening is more popular than ever. So it’s ideal to let your children experiment and practice at home with the appropriate tools.


Would you like to work together with your kids in the garden? Feel free to browse the Gardening 4 Kids range on our website or visit a dealer in your area.

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