Brooms - Squeegees

Hand brushes

The most common hand brush is definitely the coconut version, the bristles of this brush are made of coconut fiber. This hand brush is ideal for daily use indoors.

Do you want a hand brush which is also suitable for use in the water outside? Then choose a brush with PVC bristles, with this you also have an abrasive effect.

The tool brush with plastic part is designed to clean tools. With the plastic part youc an remove earth off the tool and with the small brush you can scrub dirt.

Also available:

• hand brush and dust pan in plastic
• galvanized dust pan
• vegetable brushes

Sweeping brooms

A special model within the sweeping brooms is the "ball dozer 'broom. It is distinguished by its shape at the ends, therefore, the dirt stays easier in front of the broom.

The sweeping brooms are particularly suitable for sweeping indoors.

• bristles from PVC, coconut, or a mix of elaston arenga and elaston
• width from 400mm to 1000mm

Street and terrace brooms

Street and terrace brooms are mainly used to sweep up dirt outside.

• bristles from PVC or piassava
• width of 290mm to 600mm

Floor squeegees

With a good squeegee you can easily clean up water.
Our floor squeegees are made ​​in Belgium and top quality!

• 550mm wide
• black rubber: daily, general home use
• red rubber: resistant to oil, acid and fat


A footgrating is very useful for those who often comes with dirty feet out off the garden.  It consists of two pieces with abrasive bristles. That way, you can easliy remove easily earth and mud off your shoes.

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